Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets try this again.

We have not been good at all about getting this blog thing going. Our boys are getting older and so are Jenni and I. We moved back to Clinton in June 07 and have been working and living life. Ken is in the 12th grade and is looking at several schools, he has been offered a scholarship to Northern Colorado University, so we will see where he winds up next year. Rick is in the 10th grade and is going to the Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science. He is taking a couple of university classes from Weber State University. Brickley is in the 4th grade and has a great teacher this year, he is doing well and enjoys school; as much as a 10 year old can. Jenni is working at Fed Ex, and I was just transfered to Draper. So all and all we are all doing well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I wanted to let you all know what will be happening in the next few months. I am leaving Cadet Command on June 1st, I have a new assignment with a unit that is standing up this year. It is the 197 STC(Airborne). The 197th STC supports Special Operation Forces (SOF) out of Ft. Bragg, N.C.. I am really excited about the opportunity to be apart of standing up a high speed unit like this. So after 19 years in the Army I finally get to go to Airborne school!! If I can stay healthy I am sure that I will do fine.

So wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts..


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Future is in site...

Wow, It has been a while sense I wrote here, but I thought that it would be a great time to up date you all about our lives. First off everyone is happy and healthy.

I (Jason) have finally recieved some direction in his professional life. The first part of February I recieved notice from my old headquartes unit, they informed me that they had a spot for me when I finished up with the ROTC. They were going to send me to Camp Williams and have me work in a battalion HQ training office as a assistant training sergeant. I was to reclassify as a Chemical specialist. Well, I wasnt thrilled about sitting in a HQ in a staff postition, I want to be with the soldiers still. So I applied for a job with a new Airborne support company as their readyness sergeant. I interviewed the last of February and got the job!!!! Im so excited..for twenty years I have wanted to go to airborne school and know I get to go..I hope to be with this unit for 3-5 years, then I will need to move to be promoted. I will let you know what type of work this unit will be doing in conversations off line. I am also looking at helping my Mom buy a beauty shop in Riverdale. We are a little nervous about it, but I feel that it will be a great opportunity for her and I to get her some independance. I know that she can do it and make it work out. We will see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Jenni has recovered well and after her detox and is much happier with life. She started selling real estate in January with Century 21 in North Logan. She is on a small sales team, they are very successful. They have expressed their opptimisum in Jenni's abilitys to find alot of success. She has had several closings and we expect her to continue to find alot more success down the road. It is so nice to see her up and about, and being motivated, she has found so much happiness from this life change. Just last week we closed an offer on our house in Logan, we will move in June to Clinton and the buyers wont move in untill June also. She has to travel to Ogden now and spends alot of time working on the weekends but she is happy. She has found so much satisfaction in helping others obtain their goals. Jenni and I are going to Hawaii in May for her birthday, we need a break after all that we have been through that past three years. We will let you know how it goes.

Ken is starting his last trimester at Logan High. He has been doing great still with his grades, he enjoyed his drama class last tri, past his drivers ed class, and broke a girls heart; go figure. Ken is still working at the same pizza joint and loves going to work. In the last month ken helped to organize intrest in a Cache Valley High School Rugby team, he was able to round up a couple dozen kids from Logan High to form a team with Skyview, and Mountian Crest to form this all valley team. He wont be around to see all of the success of the club, but when he gets down to Davis county schools he will get to play the CV team. It has been fun to watch him work with other kids on the team. Ken has alot of friends up here and I know he will miss them when we move.

Rick is also doing great! Most of his time has been spent preparing for his Middle School musical "Pirates of Penzance". He is playing the part of Fredrick, he was the young pirate who wishes to no longer be a pirate, he leaves the ship and rows to a small island where he meets a beautiful girl, he wishes to become respectable. The other pirates dont want him to leave so they chace him down and convence him to return, much to the dismay of his sweetheart. This is a great show follow this link to find out more about this play. Rick has also discovered that girls are not so bad. He spends alot of time chatting on line and talking on the phone with several girls from school, its funny because alot of Ricks friends think he is such a dork, which he is, but the girls sure dont mind.. and his friends hang out alone and play 360. Last trimester he loved his quitar and speach/drama class.

Brickley is really doing great in his new school. He has assimilated very easlly to his new surroundings and the challenging school work. He has so many friends in our neighborhood, if he could play all day long he would, most eight year olds would. Brickleys grades are very good concidering that he has jumped from second grade work(in his elemetry school) to fourth grade work (in his charter school). B has been excited about our cats new kittens that she had in early March, five kittens, any takers???...

So as you can see we are all doing well and have alot of change ahead of us in the future. let us know how you are in the comments under this blog. Take care and stay happy.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Holiday Greeting

Friends and Family,
We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We are very grateful for your love, support, and friendship this holiday season. Our family has endured a lot this year and we are aware of how your support has carried us through some difficult times.
To get you caught up on our live:
Jason is on the down hill slide of his tour at Utah State University, we do not know were he will be in June but he looks forward to moving on to another chapter in his career.
Jenni is finishing up her classes to receive her real estate license here in Utah; she will be selling homes before Christmas. Her health has improved a lot sense returning from the hospital in October, we see a bright future ahead.
Ken is in his sophomore year at Logan High; he is still doing excellent with his grades and the ladies! He didn’t play football this year but started playing Rugby this year with the USU Rugby team.
Ricky is in the eighth grade he is also doing excellent as well. He started playing football this year and his team went all the way to the semi-final. He is Mr. Social, and is always making others happy with his personality and whit. We're not sure how he is with the ladies, but we think pretty darn well, by the looks of his Instant Message friends.
Brickley is having a good year also, he also started football and says that he is going to play in the NFL someday, we’ll see. He has just started in a charter school here in Logan and we hope that it will be more of a challenge for him; he was getting board in his last school.
Sadie (our dog) is getting older and slower, but as always she is full of love and continues to make our family happy. Kalley is our cat, she is a lot of fun. We didn’t get her into the vet, so now we have a litter on the way; any takers??
Have a great holiday season
The Myers

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rugby, My newest adventure!! (By, Jason)

On the 27 of October 2007 my small amount of Rugby preparation culminated with my first rugby match. I started practicing and learning the game a little over a month ago. The reason why? My 15 year old didn't want to play football so I suggested that he come up to Utah State University and see if they would let him practice with them.
After watching him practice for a few weeks I decided to strap on the boots and give the sport a whorl. My first practice I pushed my body so hard that I almost lost my lunch and breakfast, it was the hardest I had pushed my body up to that point; and I am in relatively good shape for 38.
I wouldn’t say that I was nervous, I was extremely apprehensive for the unknown. I have played hard in practice but the game was going to much harder with harder hits, faster runs, and experience on the other side of the ball. USU played a Salt Lake City club team “Haggis”, a very experienced team with several members of world cup and international players.
About 20 minutes into the game I got the call to come in and play Prop, replacing a injured player. With in the first five minutes I had my first rugby injury, a ¾ inch cash just above the ear lobe and running horizontal. Not a big deal until the referee notices it about 10 minutes later and sent me out to be patched up. The trainer put on a few steri-strips on it and I went in again midway through the second half until the bandages started to fall off about 10 minutes later. I was taken out of the game and watched USU play a well played game in a loosing effort 10-20.
I had a great time despite my aches and pains I am glad that I took up the sport. I will play as long as my body will allow me too.
follow the link below to view some great rugby hits.

An Update for Jenni

I thought I would let you know that I am back from my detox. Things went far better than I ever could have expected! I was in the hospital for six days, but I was very fortunate that my doctor did not feel that I needed an additional inpatient rehab program. I realize that I have a number of things I need to do for myself for my own rehabilitation but I am so grateful to be given a second chance. It is very hard to talk about without completely falling to tears but I know God loves me! I never dreamed that I could feel this well again. I am ashamed that I have wasted the last two and a half years on self medication, sinking further and further. I don't want to forget where I was because I never want to go down that road again, but I am so grateful that so many people loved me. I had no idea that the medications could actually have been causing so many of my problems, but they were. I feel as if I have truely been given a second chance. I do not have the pain, numbness or tingling down the left arm any more. I have still some minimal headaches, but they say the withdrawal will continue probably for another five days or so, every day is better than the last though. I'm sorry if I don't call and talk, I am still very emotional and want very much to move forward. I have so much to catch up with and so many people to thank, but I can't express thanks without tears.
Thank You!! Jenni

Entry for October 01, 2007

As you know Jenni has been on pain medications for 4+ years now. Over the last two years she has been taking opioid pain killers, oxycodone and oxycontin, as we have searched for an answer to here medical problems the dosages have increased. About three weeks ago her pain doctor was going to perform a procedure that that would have burned the nerves in a few different areas of the neck. During his pre-surgical exam he notices that her pupils were two different sizes, he was afraid that she had pressure on her optic nerve possibley caused by a tumor; I'm not thrilled at the way he told her that. He wanted her to have an MRI done and have it checked by a neurologist, there was no evidence of said tumor. However, the neurologist said that she had already had all the testing done that he would have recommended and proceeded to tell her that in his opinion she was having rebound headaches from the massive amount of drugs she was taking. His suggestion was that she seek help in eliminating the use of the drugs before he or any other neurologist could help her. Over the past few weeks she has been slowly reducing the amount of meds she was taking and waiting for a bed to come available at the UofU med center, on saturday she was ready to get help and called LDS hospital and was able to get into their detox center. I took her Saturday afternoon and she was admitted that night. As of today I don't have much information to give on her diagnosis, and how long she will be in the hospital. The UofU told her that normal patients would take 7 days but with the amount of meds she was taking it would be longer, LDS hasn't told us yet how long they think she will be in their care. she may be transferred to the U after her detox to receive additional care. As of last night she was eagerly optimistic but in a great deal of pain. Please keep her in your prayers!!! The boy's and I will be fine, she is the one who needs your strength at this time. I will keep all of you posted as we work our way through this trial.